A New Furiend for Homer, Take Two


Actually, two new furiends! ;-)

As I mentioned about a month ago, I've been considering the possibility of a kitten or two to add to our family.  My hope was that a kitten wouldn't be as put off by Homer's unusual face as an adult cat might be, and that two kittens together would give Homer some outlet for all that playfulness he still has at 15 (!!!) while also having each other for those times when Homer's energy level isn't quite as high as a kitten's.  I also hoped I would be able to find a "special needs" kitten who might not be considered as adoptable as other kittens, and who would benefit from the devoted level of cat worship we're prepared to shower on pretty much any feline that crosses our doorstep.

As anybody who's ever rescued a cat knows, when it comes to cat rescue--ask and ye shall receive!

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Saying Good-Bye


Today Laurence and I are going up to Fort Tryon Park to scatter Scarlett's ashes.  Those of you familiar with Manhattan geography may know it as the spot far uptown that is also home to The Cloisters.  It's a beautiful spot--maybe the most beautiful in Manhattan, at least in my opinion--and also where we scattered Vashti's ashes last year.  Laurence and I like the idea of them being together again, and think it's the right place for our two beautiful girls.

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An Update and Some Thank-Yous


I always say that the greatest thing about writing Homer's Odyssey is having gotten to meet so many of the utterly amazing humans who love animals.  Thank you--from the bottom of my heart--to all those who've taken the time to comment, email, send cards and letters, and generally offer their moral support.  A great deal of your practical advice and suggestions have been useful, but the most useful thing of all is knowing how many sympathetic ears I have right now.  As we all know, not everybody in your life--even people who genuinely care about you--really "get" how difficult a pet's illness can be for you.  This is true even when you've written a bestselling memoir about your pets.  ;-)

To those of you who asked, we do have Scarlett in a soft cone.  Initially the vet sent her home with one of the hard plastic ones, but I swapped that out within a couple of days.  The soft cone is certainly more "livable," although Miss Scarlett still doesn't care for it very much.

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Did Someone Order a Kitty with a Side of Newspapers?


Homer this morning, having found the perfect "Homer-sized" place to curl up for a nap...

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Putting the "Crazy" in Crazy Cat Lady


This is what happens when you let the cat make decorating decisions...

Those of you who've ever brought home a cat with stitches and been given the strict instructions not to let the cat jump on any furniture for 7 to 10 days probably already know where this is going...

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