I just dropped Scarlett off for her surgery (as a side note, it has NOT been fun this morning dealing with two cranky cats who haven't eaten since midnight last night!).  Thank you so much to everybody for keeping us in your thoughts.  I'll post something later tonight/early tomorrow, once I've got her back home!

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Record-A-Thon Benefiting Blind Children


Even a blind kitty enjoys a good book!

I am very pleased and proud to say that I've been invited to participate in this year's Record-A-Thon benefiting Recording For the Blind & Dyslexic.  On Thursday I'm going to the organization's New York studio to record an hour-and-a-half of Homer's Odyssey (the book will also be read by other volunteers and recorded in its entirety).

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Chasing the Dragon...


Scarlett begging ENDLESSLY for Pounce treats!

Poor Scarlett!  The time has finally come when Laurence and I had to make the decision that Scarlett's endless need for Pounce treats is beyond her control, and that it's time for her to submit herself to her higher power (in this case, the two of us) to try to overcome her Pounce addiction.

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A Teachable Moment


Okay, look--I see negative reader reviews of the book all the time.  And while they're never exactly fun to read, I'm astute enough to realize that they're an inevitability (any book that gets published is going to be disliked by somebody).  They certainly don't make me angry.  To the extent that I notice them at all, what they mostly do is serve to remind me how uncommonly fortunate I've been that the overwhelming majority of reader reviews I see are so very positive.  And then I'm happy again.  :-D

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This morning, Laurence and I made the very difficult decision to put Vashti to sleep.  Without dwelling on morbid details, I'll just say that the past few days have been very bad.  It was time.  We were both with her in the vet's office until the end.  It is a credit to both Vashti and the medical team that's been caring for her that there wasn't a single dry eye among the staff.

Vashti was 14 years old.

I've been trying to think what I would write about her that I haven't written already.  This time, though, I think Laurence put it best.  "The eternal feminine," he said.  "That's what Vashti will always be to me."

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