Record-A-Thon Benefiting Blind Children


Even a blind kitty enjoys a good book!

I am very pleased and proud to say that I've been invited to participate in this year's Record-A-Thon benefiting Recording For the Blind & Dyslexic.  On Thursday I'm going to the organization's New York studio to record an hour-and-a-half of Homer's Odyssey (the book will also be read by other volunteers and recorded in its entirety).

As in any "A-Thon," the goal is to get sponsors for my recording time.  For obvious reasons, this particular cause is very near and dear to my heart.  I was upset at first that I would have to record on Thursday, because that's when Scarlett is going in for her cancer surgery.  But now I'm actually grateful because a) doing volunteer work for a couple of hours beats the heck out of nervously pacing the floors of my apartment, and b) because, as silly as it sounds, I can't help thinking that by doing something good, I'm improving my chances for a happy outcome for Scarlett on Thursday.  (For the record, I signed on for this several weeks ago, before I knew about Scarlett's surgery, but didn't announce it before now because I had to make sure I had legal clearance to create an audio recording of the book, since the audio rights forHomer's Odyssey were sold over two years ago).

I feel like I've been hitting you guys up a lot lately, between Egypt and now this, but I truly love the idea of visually impaired children having access to more books in general, and particularly to Homer's story.

So I ask you to please, if you have even a few dollars to spare, help me raise money for this wonderful organization.  Here's a link to my personal fundraising page (with a special message from Homer and me):

Thank you so much--and a huge thank you to everybody for being so supportive of us as we get ready to bring Scarlett in for her surgery.

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