Putting the "Crazy" in Crazy Cat Lady


This is what happens when you let the cat make decorating decisions...

Those of you who've ever brought home a cat with stitches and been given the strict instructions not to let the cat jump on any furniture for 7 to 10 days probably already know where this is going...

Scarlett is back home, albeit groggy from her pain meds and with very limited use of her hind legs for the time being (I'm told--and pray that it's true--that as her incision heals, she'll regain her mobility).  She's eating like a champ, which is wonderful!  Although it should be noted that she's demanding a diet comprised exclusively of Pounces and the junky moist cat food.  Ah, well.  Maybe in a day or so I can get her back on the healthy stuff.  Truth be told, if I were the one who'd had major surgery and had my mother catering to me while I recovered, I'm pretty sure I'd insist on blintzes and pizzas rather than salads and chicken broth.

As I mentioned, Scarlett isn't supposed to jump onto any furniture.  Originally I was going to put her in the guest bedroom and build a little staircase for her up to the bed.  But since her hind legs are working almost not at all, I think even climbing mini-stairs might be too much strain on her stitches.  It's a much bigger incision than I thought it was going to be--starting in the middle of her back and going all the way down underneath her tail.

So we decided to keep her in the living room, which has far more floor space.  Except that the couch is her very favorite place to sleep, and nothing we did could keep her from trying to jump onto it.  As you can see, we went to great lengths to block all access to the couch.  But then I felt bad, so I dragged the sofa cushions onto the floor and put her favorite blanket on top of them.  But even that wasn't enough until I joined her on the cushions.  Only then did she curl up as best she could and go to sleep.

So Scarlett and I camped out on the floor last night.  Scarlett curled up on my legs and slept like a baby.  I, on the other hand, was somewhat...less comfortable.  I had this very vivid dream that I was giving birth, and woke up with the most excruciating pain in my lower back.

I think tonight I'm going to move her into our bedroom (the bed is so high that I don't think she'll try it, but we'll block it off just in case), set up about half the sofa cushions on the floor for her, and hope that she'll let me sleep in the bed.

Or, as an alternative, I suppose I could always try to treat my back with the pain meds Scarlett's on--they seem to be working pretty well for her.

Oy!  ;-)

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