Ellis and Morgan Updates!


It's great to be back online!  And it's even better to have an update from Morgan and Ellis's new mom.

  She writes:

Morgan is still very shy but hopefully with time he will come out of his shell. The good news is he still hasn't hissed or swatted at me at all, I have been giving him space... he seems to like when I play my ukulele for him...he doesn't know I am terrible! Will keep you posted, fingers crossed for a breakthrough ~

Ellis is fabulous and doing great. It's almost like he's always lived here...he still retreats to his under furniture hiding place to do most of his napping but when he is awake he frolicks about and was playing with toys and being very lively all night. He joins me on the couch when I am awake or asleep and he even sat in the window seat last night and fell asleep there for a few minutes.

Stay tuned!

Morgan is still too shy to get any good photos/video footage of him yet, but here are a few pictures of Ellis basking in the sunlight next to his favorite window.  I'll have some video of his first day in his new home for you tomorrow.

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