Chasing the Dragon...


Scarlett begging ENDLESSLY for Pounce treats!

Poor Scarlett!  The time has finally come when Laurence and I had to make the decision that Scarlett's endless need for Pounce treats is beyond her control, and that it's time for her to submit herself to her higher power (in this case, the two of us) to try to overcome her Pounce addiction.


I use the language of "addiction" somewhat facetiously, obviously, but in Scarlett's case I think it's all too close to the truth.  She has become arelentless seeker of Pounce treats.  She barely sleeps, doesn't play at all anymore, and spends all her time circling the kitchen island in an endless quest to get more and more andyet even more Pounces.  If she has to go more than two hours without getting one, she emits these low, guttural, unearthly meows that sound downright spooky.

It's gotten to the point where Laurence and I don't even open the kitchen cabinets anymore unless absolutely necessary, because the second we do Scarlett comes running over from wherever she is in the apartment and starts twitching--literally twitching--until we give her a Pounce.  Or until we tell her firmly that no Pounces are to be had and walk away, at which point she resumes the aforementioned unearthly and guttural meows.

This is not a way for a kitty to live.

It's harder than I would have thought it would be to deny them to her, because she just wants them so badly.  Still, I think we need to be firm.  We're trying to get her used to a less-"addictive" brand in the short term, and then we're going away for two weeks in which point we hope that two weeks without treats of any kind will bring back the Scarlett we know and love.  Or, at least, the Scarlett who I know and love and who very kindly condescends to acknowledge (not that she likes it or anything) the existence of Laurence.


Keep us in your thoughts as we deal with the fall-out of withdrawal!!!

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