A New Furiend for Homer, Take Two


Actually, two new furiends! ;-)

As I mentioned about a month ago, I've been considering the possibility of a kitten or two to add to our family.  My hope was that a kitten wouldn't be as put off by Homer's unusual face as an adult cat might be, and that two kittens together would give Homer some outlet for all that playfulness he still has at 15 (!!!) while also having each other for those times when Homer's energy level isn't quite as high as a kitten's.  I also hoped I would be able to find a "special needs" kitten who might not be considered as adoptable as other kittens, and who would benefit from the devoted level of cat worship we're prepared to shower on pretty much any feline that crosses our doorstep.

As anybody who's ever rescued a cat knows, when it comes to cat rescue--ask and ye shall receive!


This little boy--now 12 weeks old--was born with only three feet, and was rescued by the good people at Furrever Friends Rescue and Volunteers.  As adoptable as kittens generally are, black kittens are usually the last to go, and a "special needs" black kitten has even worse chances.  (For the life of me, I will never understand this--because black kitties have such amazing personalities!)  And this charming little guy has a sister!

She's not "special needs" per se, but she does have a small umbilical hernia that wasn't caught when she was spayed and that will need to be addressed surgically at some point.  From what I'm told, both kittens are extremely friendly "love bugs," although the little boy is a bit more outgoing than his sister and tends to look out for her, which is why Furrever Friends was particularly anxious to find a home for them together.

Furrever Friends is a no-kill foster care organization, entirely run by volunteers.  They'll take the kittens back if things end up not working out with Homer, but I'm optimistic that they will.  I really think Homer will like having kittens to play with--it's been a long, long time since anybody but me was interested in playing with Homer, and I know I don't do quite as good a job as another cat would--but even if he ends up not liking them, I don't see him doing much worse than ignoring them most of the time.  Homer doesn't have a mean bone in his whole body.  And, I hope, kittens introduced to him young enough will grow up respecting Homer like Homer learned to respect Scarlett and Vashti.

How long is it physically possible to keep your fingers crossed before they freeze that way?  ;-)

We've decided to name the boy Clayton after Clayton "Peg Leg" Bates, a famous one-legged tap dancer.  (I wanted to name him Ahab after the one-legged captain of the Pequod in Moby Dick, but Laurence said that was "too obvious!")  And we're naming the little girl Fanny, just because it's a sweet old-fashioned name for a sweet old-fashioned girl who lets her big brother do most of the talking.   Although Laurence is already referring to them as "Claytolinsky and the Fannikins."  As the Vashowitz could have told you, nobody lives with Laurence Lerman for very long without gaining a nickname.  (This from a man named Laurence who won't let anybody call him "Larry"!)  I won't repeat here the various nicknames Laurence has for me, but I will say that he only calls me "Gwen" when he's mad at me about something, which means that I've learned to fear the sound of my own name coming from my husband's lips.  Oy!  ;-)

Since the kittens are currently several hours away from me, one of the volunteers has graciously agreed to meet me in the middle and deliver the kittens at the Trenton train station this Saturday, which is only about 90 minutes outside of New York.

I really couldn't be more excited!  Kittens again after 15 years!  Keep your fingers crossed for all of us...

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