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October's story (Subscribe to read it now!):

A real-life tale of feline love at first sight. . . 

SprayAnything EbookCover small

It's rare for two cats even to like each other th first time they meet.  But when Bruiser the backyard feral and Fanny the housecat lock eyes, they're instantly smitten.  Seeking out glimpses of each other through the windowed door that separates them, they exchange "gifs" (toy mice from Fanny, real mice from Bruiser) try to touch paws through the glass, and hope to someday meet in purr-son.  But it's more than glass that keeps them apart--can trule love ever tame a wild-at-heart outdoor cat?  

September's story (Subscribe to read it now!):

Even the sweetest cat can turn salty when it comes to food . . . 

fanny trouble smallFanny the cat is the classic “good daughter”—a petite and pretty rescue with a shy, affectionate disposition who’s thoroughly doted on by her besotted humans. But the day she discovers dry food (otherwise known as “kitty crack”) for the first time, Fanny goes from angelic to devilish literally overnight. As her hapless human mom tries to cope with the new regime of pre-dawn wake-up calls (feed me NOW!) and all-day caterwauling, the question remains: Can a skinny cat’s newfound food addiction ever be tamed? 

August's story (Subscribe to read it now!):

When an invading swarm of six-legged intruders takes over a peaceful Jersey City brownstone, there’s no one to turn to except two scrappy feline warriors in the battle against . . . THEM!

THEM EbookCover smallGwen Cooper and her husband, Laurence, had no idea how bad an onslaught of clothes moths could get until they had to start throwing away cherished sweaters by the sackful. Their secret weapon against the stubborn six-legged pests are Clayton “the tripod” and his litter-mate Fanny—two strictly indoor black cats eager, at long last, to test their predatory prowess. But as casualties mount, and the moths meet the cats’ superior size and skill with their own overwhelming numbers, the question remains: Can two never-say-die furry soldiers ever win the war against THEM? 


July's story (Subscribe to read it now!):

There are a million cat stories in the naked city.  This is one of them...

CatCarrierTango EbookCover smallThere are days when everything seems to go wrong—days that can crack even the hardiest New Yorker: your cab breaks down, an address that Google Maps assures you exists is nowhere to be found, nobody you ask for directions has any idea what you’re talking about, you lose your cell phone, it starts to rain and you can’t find your umbrella . . . Throw in trying to get three fussy felines to their first appointment with a new vet on time, and that’s the day Gwen Cooper is having. As she treks the streets of Manhattan with her three cranky (and surprisingly heavy!) cats in tow, the real question isn’t if she’ll make it to the vet’s office on schedule—it’s whether her sanity will still be intact by the time she gets there.

June's story (Subscribe to read it now!):

Some cats have “accidents” on rugs or furniture. This wily cat raises outside-the-litter-box thinking to an art form!

ThePicassoofPee FrontCover SMALLVashti was a drop-dead gorgeous, snow-white rescue cat whose sweet temper and gentle nature made her irresistible to all. But behind this femme fatale’s angelic façade lurked a crafty feline mind and a steely determination to retain sole possession of the person she loved most—by any means necessary. Vashti’s challenging, creative spirit would leave its mark on her human’s heart as the years went by—and also on the furniture, clothing, and cherished belongings of the friends and boyfriends she viewed as competition for her “mom’s” affections. Along the way, Vashti would teach her human mom what true love looks like: rare, beautiful, and more than a little messy.

May's story (Subscribe to read it now!):

Can work, family life, and sanity itself survive a three-legged cat's one-track obsession?

StopTryingtoMakeFetchHappen EbookCover SMALLClayton "the Tripod" is a special-needs rescue who quickly established himself as king of the house--a "loveable doofus" and natural clown with a heart big enough for ten cats. The day he teaches himself to play fetch, however, he transforms from loving lap cat to ruthless slave driver, demanding round-the-clock games of toss/retrieve/repeat from his hapless human mom.  He interrupts her work, her sleep, and even her "alone time" with her husband.  But how can any loving (and exhausted!) cat parent look into an adorable feline's big hopeful eyes and say no?

April's story (Subscribe to read it now!):

Before there was Homer the Blind Wonder Cat there was Scarlett, the maddeningly aloof gray rescue tabby...

IChoo Choo ChooseYou EbookCoverEvery cat lover remembers the very first feline they fell in love with. For celebrated cat writer Gwen Cooper, that first love is Scarlett—a pint-sized rescue kitten with a king-sized personality. A natural-born troublemaker, and wary at first after life on the streets, Scarlett is quick to win hearts with her kittenish mischief, but slow to open her own heart to the woman who saved her. Yet as the months go by, and bonds of trust are painstakingly forged link by link, Gwen begins to realize that the love you have to earn just may be the love that means the most.




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