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Curl Up with a Cat Tale!

Gwen Cooper returns with the ongoing adventures of her much-beloved, world-famous fur family in the Curl Up with a Cat Tale Series--filled with all the humor and heart Gwen's devoted readership has come to know and love!

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July's Story (Subscribe to read it now!):

Everybody needs an escape sometimes...

stars hollow small

When Vashti, Gwen’s beloved cat of thirteen years, is diagnosed with chronic renal failure, Gwen feels as if her world has been shattered. Almost worse than the diagnosis, however, is the ordeal of trying to force six daily pills (not to mention two daily injections) into one EXTREMELY reluctant—and wiley!—cat. Just when it seems as though Gwen’s only respite will be the one hour a day when she can escape into her favorite TV show, however, unexpected friends in unlikely places show up to aid Gwen in keeping her cat—and her heart—healthy and purring…

 February's Story (Subscribe to read it now!):

A love that dare not show its whiskers...

secret lovers small

Clayton and Fanny have always been affectionate cats—although, unlike Clayton, Fanny has usually preferred expressing love for her humans in quiet moments and private places. Now, however, Fanny will only love her two adoring human slaves one at a time, and only at times that are kept strictly secret—even from each other! As Gwen ponders the mystery of Fanny’s new clampdown on PDAs, she can’t help but wonder: Will she be able to enjoy “cuddle time” with her husband and her cat together ever again?


October's Story (Subscribe to read it now!):

When you write a book, a single extraordinary reader can change your life...

Homer10Year BookCover v02 01 small

This mont's very special Cat Tale is an exclusive "sneak peek" at Homer's World: The 10th Anniversary "Homer's Odyssey" Scrapbook and celebrates one of the most extraordinary animal rescuers I was privileged to meet after Homer's Odyssey was published.  A big and heartfelt "thank you!" to everyone who's helped to make this journey possible!

August's Story (Subscribe to read it now!):

"This is why we can't have nice things!"

JustBeClaws EbookCover small

Every rose has its thorn, and every cat has its claws.  They say that love hurts...but does it have to hurt this much?  Every cat lover knows that bringing a furry friend into our lives entails certain trade-offs, and with humor and heart Gwen takes a look at all the cats she's loved before--cats who've left pawprints on her heart...and a few more tangible souvenirs on her skin, clothing, and furniture!


July's Story (Subscribe to read it now!):

A story about what happiness sounds like...

the bells small

Clayton “the Tripod” and his litter-mate, Fanny, are two adorable kittens adopted by Gwen Cooper in part to provide company to Homer, left as a reluctant only cat following the passing of his beloved big sister, Scarlett. When initial introductions between the blind senior feline and two rambunctious kittens don’t go as well as hoped, however, Gwen thinks she’s found the purr-fect solution: an “early warning” system—designed to let Homer know whenever a kitten approaches—in the form of two belled collars for the kittens to wear. Can the jingle-jangle chaos that ensues ever bring love and joy back to Homer’s grieving heart?





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