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When you help animals, you help people. The tour for LOVE SAVES THE DAY highlights that animal welfare is ultimately about human welfare. The shelters and rescue groups on the tour have been selected on the strength of innovative programs that extend their work with animals into programs that serve humans. They've implemented programs that serve the elderly, the homeless, military families, at-risk children (with programs for literacy, anti-bullying, character building), low-income families, disaster survivors, domestic violence victims, and more. Love does save the day, and not just for the animals these organizations rescue. 
litter genieMany thanks to our Presenting Sponsor, ARM & HAMMER® Ultra Last™Clumping Cat Litter, who will donate 500 pounds of litter to each shelter and rescue group on the tour! Thanks also to corporate partner Litter Genie ® System, who will be distributing a free Litter Genie ® System to each and every person who attends a tour event (while supplies last -- so come early!).



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With grateful appreciation to Weruva for their support!





7:00pm, Thursday

410 E. 38th Street, Manhattan

The LOVE SAVES THE DAY National No-Kill Shelter Tour has officially launched! Many thanks to the good people of Bideawee here in New York for giving me such a warm welcome and putting together such a wonderful event—a great event made even better by the presence of Gizmo, the kitty who “owns” Bideawee’s third floor, and who clearly decided that if everybody was looking at the front of the room, that’s where he was going to hang out. (As a side note, Gizmo is one of the absolute sweetest, friendliest cats I’ve ever met in my life—and if you adopt him from Bideawee during the month of May, the adoption fee will be waived! If you’re in New York and looking for a pawsome new furever friend, you can’t do better than Gizmo!)


Laurence has agreed to take a break from his day job interviewing movie stars (soooo boring, no? ;p) to “interview” me about how each tour event goes—so scroll down to read the first entry in our tour diary! And, for all you Texans out there, I’ll be making five stops in Texas next week (one in Houston, two in Dallas, and two in Austin), so I hope to see you there!

If you don’t live in Texas, or in any of the other cities on the tour, tune in to a livestream of me reading to the FIV+ kitties of Shadow Cats in Austin, on Friday 5/17 at 7:00 Central time. Come be a part of the tour without having to leave home!


LOVE SAVES THE DAY New York By the Numbers:

45 total attendees

1 adorable kitty also in attendance

40 copies of the book sold (one woman bought 20 copies!!!)

500 pounds of litter donated to Bideawee by Arm & Hammer Ultra Last Clumping Cat Litter

65 blankets, sweaters, and toys donated to the cats and dogs of Bideawee by readers

38 Litter Genies given away free to attendees

3 sponsors and corporate partners in attendance

17 more tour stops and appearances left to go

1 exhausted cat-book author who’s thrilled to have the launch behind her!



TOUR DIARY: Entry #1

Laurence: So here we are – our first Q & A for your LOVE SAVES THE DAY National Tour!

Gwen: Yes—Here we are!

Laurence: I’m psyched that you asked me to do this!

Gwen: Well, I was planning on doing a tour diary—a regular update on all the shelters and cities that I visit over the next three months. You’re the one that suggested we do a Q&A kind of interview for each stop in the sixteen cities on the schedule.

Laurence: Yes, that was my idea. I think straight Q&As with you over the course of the tour would be a change of pace from diary-styled entries. And a lot more fun for your readers. You can update everyone on how it’s going, and I can grill you on your experiences as you crisscross the country and get yourself in and out of trouble.

Gwen: Fire away, Laurence.

Laurence: “Fire away, Laurence?” You’re kidding, right…?

Gwen: What?

Laurence: What do you mean, “What?” It’s supposed to be a Q&A, right?

Gwen: Did you expect “sweetie, baby, honey” or something?

Laurence: Okay, enough of that. And you know what I mean. You’ve done dozens of these for Homer’s Odyssey and Love Saves the Day, but this time, it shouldn’t just be about you as Gwen Cooper, queen of the cat ladies or Gwen Cooper, writer on the road to promote her book. This time, it can be more about your travels and impressions.

Gwen: Gotcha!

Laurence: Great. And try to keep it brisk. Remember, I’ve got to transcribe all this.

Gwen: I’ll try, but if you’re looking for brevity, then maybe you should stick to yes and no questions.

Laurence: Cute. Well, as the Loves Saves the Day tour kicked off at Bideawee in New York a couple of days ago, it’s going be hard to keep it to yeses and nos.

Gwen: I can’t deny that I’m happy the tour began in the city where we live.

Laurence: Ten blocks away from Bideawee, actually.

Gwen: Right. I have plenty of other cities where I can talk about the whole planes, trains, and automobiles aspect involved in getting there. It was a pleasure to only have to walk up First Avenue for ten minutes to get to the event.

Laurence: And I can honestly tell you that it was a great event.

Gwen: It was, wasn’t it? We had about 45 people attending, along with a bunch of the shelter’s volunteers and representatives from my fabulous sponsor and corporate partner—Arm & Hammer Ultra Last Clumping Cat Litter and Litter Genie, both of whom donated products to the shelters and attendees.

Laurence: Everyone was so into it. I’ve seen you read dozens of times over the past few years and it’s always great to watch you in New York, which has only happened a few times since Homer’s Odyssey was published in 2009.

Gwen: Doing a reading for a hometown crowd is always special. It’s great to see friends in the audience along with readers who’ve taken the time to come and see me. I truly love meeting them and talking about the book and their pets and everything else. And that Homer and Love Saves the Day may have directed more attention to animal shelter makes it all the more satisfying.

Laurence: I forgot to tell you something that one of the Bideawee volunteers was explaining to me. I had mentioned to him that as their building was so close to the East River, they had a great view of the Queens skyline and the UN Building, which is right up the block. He told me that the location of the Bideawee shelter, which is 110 years old, wasn’t selected because of the view—

Gwen: I know what you’re going to say! Back at the turn of the century, all the shelters that opened in New York, uptown and downtown, were located near the river because, sadly, that’s where pets were most frequently abandoned…

Laurence: Exactly. And as horrible as it sounds, back then, there were a lot of people, bad people who just tossed their cats and dogs into the river. And other people, good people, would rescue them and care for them near the river. And so the shelters went up there!

Gwen: Yes. Not a pretty story, but those are facts.

Laurence: Okay, enough of that depressing story. Thanks for bringing it up.

Gwen: You’re the one who started talking about it.

Laurence: Getting home after your reading was as easy as heading up there. Just a nice ten-block walk. But this time, with pizza as a reward!

Gwen: That was great. A branch of Grimaldi’s, the legendary New York pizzeria, just opened in our neighborhood. So we all had pizza afterwards! And the Grimaldis are also well-known ailurophiles, which makes having them as our new neighbors even better. But the best part was watching everyone walking down Second Avenue—there were eight of us, right?—with everybody carrying their free Litter Genies.

Laurence: That was definitely great, but I gotta say that the pizza was pretty good, too.

Gwen: Agreed. Especially the one with peppers, onions and mushrooms. Thanks for picking up the check.

Laurence: My pleasure. Like I said, you don’t do readings in New York every day, so it’s my pleasure to buy a few pizzas to celebrate a hometown triumph.

Gwen: You’re such a good husband.

Laurence: Everything that’s mine is yours, baby!

Gwen: I know. And I want you to know that I feel the same way—everything that’s yours is mine.

Laurence: Hey, wait a minute…


Friends For Life

5:00pm, Saturday

107 E. 22nd Street, Houston

Had a great, great time at Friends For Life!  As Houston's only no-kill shelter--and Houston's only green shelter--they run a beautiful facility, full of happy dogs and kitties and loving volunteers. 

Rather than the usual blog post, Laurence (professional interviewer that he is) has agreed to do a Q&A with me about each stop on the LOVE SAVES THE DAY National Book Tour of Shelters.  Check it out below for a run-down on how the event went--and check out the tour's Pinterest page for more photos!



Laurence: Okay, just so we can set this up for everyone as to when and where we are, it’s Thursday evening, May 17, six nights after your awesome gig at Houston’s Friend’s For Life Animal Shelter.

Gwen: It’s been a busy week, but it started off with a very nice night.

Laurence: Oh yeah.  A great looking shelter and a great turnout. But let’s get to that later. First, let’s talk about your days leading up to Saturday night at Friends for Life. You arrived in Houston on Thursday the 9th

Gwen: Yes, Thursday afternoon. Thanks, by the way, for hanging at home with the kitties for a couple of days before joining me.

Laurence: My pleasure. Homer missed you madly, of course, but he seemed to get over it whenever I unwrapped some fresh turkey or cracked open a can of food.

Gwen: I hope you got up early enough to give him his food on schedule! You know how mad he gets when he has to wait.

Laurence:  He did yell at me as only Homer can, but nothing I couldn’t handle. Fanny and Clayton were a little more controlled when it came to the food, but they were as hyper as ever. Fanny’s got this great new habit of jumping onto the kitchen counter and knocking as much stuff onto the floor as she can for Clayton to play with.

Gwen: She’s his little helper monkey! She gets all the things for him from high places that he can’t get to himself because he only has the three legs. I don’t love picking all our stuff up off the floor, but I do always get a kick at seeing what a tight little unit the two of them are.

Laurence: I’m sure they’re all be mellower for a little while without an audience.

Gwen: We’ll have to ask [our catsitter] Reina what they were up to for a week.

Laurence: Okay, so you got to Houston on Thursday afternoon. What did you think? This is your first time in Texas, right?

Gwen: It is! I actually really like Houston—it reminds me so much of Miami. I love the humidity and palm trees, and I especially love what a great mix of people you find in Houston.

Laurence: Come on—where do you find more of a mix people than in New York City?

Gwen: Yes, but you know how it is in New York. Everything is so stratified by how much money you have and what business your work in and what your background is. Houston is more of a genuine mix, at least from what I’ve seen. In the restaurant we went to Sunday night, I heard people around us speaking Spanish, Creole, and Japanese in addition to English. That’s what it was like growing up in Miami, so I felt very much at home.

Laurence: And Houston has a great animal rescue community, judging by your event on Saturday. Which brings us up to Friends for Life, which wasn’t too far from our hotel via out cute li’l rentacar.

Gwen: It’s always wild to be driving together—and in the front seat, yet! The only time we’re ever in a car together back home is in the backseat of a cab.

Laurence: Not that we haven’t had our share of backseat fun.

Gwen: Enough of that—this is a family-friendly Q&A.

Laurence:  Yeah, yeah, I know. Friends for Life was a real smash

Gwen: Friends For Life is one of the most amazing shelters I’ve ever seen, and my hat goes off to Salise Shuttelsworth, the amazing humanitarian and visionary who built it. It’s so bright and spacious, and they have this specially designed air-filtration system that recycles fresh air in from outside 15 times every hour—so it just smells great in there. And the cat rooms are so big and cheerful-looking! You can tell immediately how happy and well-loved those kitties are. I was actually talking to Jackson Galaxy about this last week, and he really put it best. When you have a shelter with cats in cages, what you’re basically asking people for is a pity adoption. But when you have a room that people can look into and the cats can look out of, with cats playing and lounging, what you give people is the opportunity to see what the cats’ personalities are really like and to imagine what it would be like to have one of them in your home. Plus, it’s just the kind of fun, relaxed environment that people want to be in, and of course half the battle when you’re running a shelter is getting people in your doors in the first place.

Laurence: Almost as memorable as Friends for Life was dinner afterwards at Goode's B-B-Q. Real Texas style stuff—many thanks to your cousin Ira and his girlfriend Lauren for bringing us there.

Gwen: That was sooooo good! Ira moved down here nearly eight years ago and it doesn’t look like he’s put on a pound since he arrived. I’d put on 20 pounds with the barbecue alone. After only a few days of it, I’ve had to start wearing the “big girl” pants I brought with me.

Laurence: They say everything’s bigger in Texas.

Gwen: Yeah—like my backside!

Laurence: From where I’m standing, I think you’ve actually lost some weight since we’ve been in Texas, with all the running around we’ve been doing.

Gwen: Spoken like a good husband! But, in all seriousness, thanks for dragging me away from the computer and emails and Facebook updates long enough to see some of cool stuff in Houston. The Picasso exhibit at the Museum of Fine Art was beautiful, and the Space Center, which we went to yesterday, was also a lot of fun.

Laurence: Definitely. Those rockets they used in the space program in the '60s and '70s were enormous. Really wild-looking.

Gwen: Oh, yes. It made me feel good to see all that technology and I really got a sense of the drive and pride behind the space program, particularly back in those days. When you stand next to the Saturn rocket—which is as big as two football fields!—it really strikes you how completely audacious it was for humans even to contemplate going into space.

Laurence: Thanks for letting me wangle you into finding a couple of hours to go. The geek in me really wanted to check it out – I grew up watching all those Apollo space shots on television with my parents.

Gwen: I was more of a Space Shuttle kid – but we used to see footage of the Apollo missions in history class. How old are you again?

Laurence: Old enough to understand a joke about my age.

Gwen: I’m glad we made it to the Space Center. We didn’t end up with a ton of time for sightseeing this trip, what with the event in Houston, two in Dallas, and two in Austin—that’s five events in eight days!

Laurence: And tomorrow we’re headed to Dallas.

Gwen: Crack of dawn, baby!

Laurence: I’m psyched. I’m thinking about all those great outlaw movies, like They Live by Night. Or, better yet, The Getaway, where Steve McQueen and Ali McGraw are barreling across Texas to the border with a valise full of stolen cash.

Gwen: Oh, you keep thinking that you and I are McQueen and McGraw...

Laurence: All you have to do is sit sexy in the passenger seat and say something like, “Punch it, baby.”

Gwen: Hey, I keep telling you—we have to keep these Q&As family-friendly.






SPCA of Texas

6:00pm, Tuesday

2400 Lone Star Drive (Adoption Lobby)

The LOVE SAVES THE DAY tour continued to roll through Texas, making its second Texan stop at the SPCA of Texas in downtown Dallas.  Their beautiful new facility opened just over a year ago and continued the trend of bright, airy, beautiful shelters that we found in Texas.  We also got to hang out with the many happy (and well-loved!) cats and dogs who are lucky enough to live here.  Rather than doing a traditional blog post, my husband, Laurence (staunch supporter and professional interviewer) has instead agreed to do a Q&A with me about the shelters we visit and our general experiences on the road.  Scroll down for the Q&A and more photos--and don't forget to follow the tour's Pinterest page to see dozens of photos of each tour event as soon as they go up!




Laurence: So here we are in Austin, having just made the drive from Dallas.

Gwen: It feels like we're covering a lot of ground with all the driving between cities we've been doing, but if you look at the map we've hardly made a dent. Texas is so huge!

Laurence: Still, it wasn't a bad drive to Dallas from Houston. Everyone told us it would take four-and-a-half hours, but we did it in three-forty!

Gwen: Bravo, baby. Good driving.

Laurence: I know you’ve heard me telling this to every Texan we meet, but I’m loving this 75mph speed limit on the highways. Makes me feel good zipping along at 85.

Gwen: I should add here that, as Manhattan-ites, all this drive-time is a pretty exotic experience for us.  We hardly ever get to drive, except for the occasional weekend in Jersey with your parents.

Laurence: And when do we ever get a chance to go 85? The Jersey Turnpike and Parkway are 55mph highways.

Gwen: Gotcha, McQueen. I’m glad we left Houston at 7:30am, either way. We got to our hotel, the downtown Dallas Omni, before noon. The early check-in was key--

Laurence: --for a little pool time after lunch. I know. You were so psyched!

Gwen: You can take the girl out of Florida, right?

Laurence: It was definitely hot enough. In the high eighties in the early afternoon. And a beautiful hotel, too. Great mattresses, soft towels, and good shampoo.

Gwen: Are you really sure you want to do these Q&As?

Laurence: What’s the problem?

Gwen: Sweetie, you’re talking about the hotel shampoo.

Laurence: How about this, then: a zillion channels but still no HBO.

Gwen: Our second Texas hotel with no HBO!  I'm having a serious Veep and Game of Thrones jones.   We’ll have to have a marathon when we get home.

Laurence: There are worse ways to spend three hours. Speaking of which, let’s talk about your event at the Dallas SPCA. Definitely another smash!

Gwen: I think so. And a great group of staffers and volunteers. And what a building!

Laurence: Their circular kitty atrium has all those papier-mache fish hanging ihn the middle—the surrounded by cat walkways and pens. It’s set up like a gigantic fishbowl. Brilliant.

Gwen: Well, the idea is that we're in a fishbowl, and the cats are in all these glass-walled rooms watching us--which really is brilliant.  A big part of the challenge shelters face is having to overcome this idea of being a place with rooms filled with cages imprisoning sad cats.  It can be tough to get people to come in because they think of a shelter as a sad place.  The SPCA of Texas is just such a beautiful space to begin with, and then by inviting the cats to watch us, rather than vice versa, that makes it an engaging space as well.  And the staff and volunteers are as warm and welcoming as the space is.  They really went all-out for our event.  They even had wine and cocktails and these utterly adorable cookies and quesadillas shaped like cats!  It was a bit of a different format than the other tour events, because Jocelyn White--who's a Dallas style reporter and president of their BARK Board--did a Q&A with me rather than my typical reading.  But I like that the way I normally do things got shaken up a bit.  I'm going to be doing an awful lot of these, so there's nothing wrong with changing up every so often!

Laurence: And it was great to see Matt, too. He took some nice pictures.

Gwen: Yes! I haven't seen him in about three or four years, and he was living right here in Jersey!  It must be fate that he just moved to Dallas last month. I’m glad we got a chance to grab a drink after the event.

Laurence: I don’t know how many drinks you could have grabbed after your two Makers Marks!

Gwen: Two?!  I only had one.  Stop trying to perpetuate this idea of me as a drunken writer.

Laurence: The event was outstanding, baby -- who’s counting?





Take Me Home Pet Rescue

7:00pm, Wednesday

561 W. Campbell Road, Richardson

 NOTE: YOU MUST RSVP to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Admission is free!

Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR) is a 100% nonprofit organization committed to caring for animals abandoned in shelters and placing them into loving homes.  Founded in 2008 by a group or mothers and their children, TMHPR takes the instruction of responsibility and humane education from one generation to the next as one of their primary missions.  TMHPR also extends their humane education and animal welfare outreach to numerous local youth organizations.  As an entirely volunteer-run organization, they create volunteer opportunities for families and children within the shelter, at adoption events, and in the foster homes in which they place the majority of the animals they rescue.  (Placement of cats and dogs in foster homes allows them toe xperience the love and care of a family while waiting for their "forever homes," and helps them gain the crucial socialization that tends to make adoption more likely).




Austin Pets Alive!

2:00pm, Saturday

1156 W. Cesar Chavez Street, Austin


The LOVE SAVES THE DAY National Shelter tour wrapped up its mini-tour of the great state of Texas with two events in Austin--one with Shadow Cats on Friday the 17th, and one with Austin Pets Alive! on the 18th.   As you'll see from the description below, Shadow Cats and APA are two very different organizations, but they're both equally remarkable.  Rather than the usual blog post, I've pressed my husband/professional interviewer Laurence Lerman into service to conduct these wrap-ups Q&A style, so scroll down for more info on how the tour stop went--and don't forget to follow the tour's Pinterest page for dozens more pictures of each stop!




Laurence: And so the Texas sojourn continues, beginning with getting up fresh and early and heading onto I-35 to Austin from Dallas.

Gwen: A nice enough drive, yes?

Laurence: Oh, yeah. Feeling McQueen and motoring along. And I couldn’t complain about our Whataburger—we passed so many of them that we had to give it a shot. And that Monterey Melt was awesome. Mustard and jalapeno ranch dressing on a burger. Who would thunk it?

Gwen: Breakfast of champions!

Laurence: I was really digging the radio – a nice mix, from Zeppelin to Siouxsie to U2. Gotta tell you though, I think my favorite was that Houston station Country Legends 97.1.

Gwen: I didn’t know you were such a country boy.

Laurence: When in Rome, right?

Gwen: We didn’t hear much country music in Austin proper, though. That, by the way, was my attempt at a smooth segue into talking about the Austin tour stop.

Laurence: Very smooth. Man, it was a busy weekend there!

Gwen: University of Texas graduation!

Laurence: There’s twenty thousand extra people that we weren’t expecting to be all over town.

Gwen: I’m sure they all did their best to help keep Austin weird!

Laurence: A cute slogan, but I guess it fits. Austin was definitely different from Dallas and Houston. Younger and more self-consciously "hip," I suppose.

Gwen: But was it really that “weird?”

Laurence: Not as weird as that guy who hangs out on our corner in New YOrk and sings “Never Say Goodbye” at the top of his lungs every day.

Gwen: Not to mention our neighbor who takes his parrot out for a daily constitutional every summer afternoon. Remind me to dig up a picture of him to post with this.

Laurence: Consider yourself reminded.

Gwen: I meant you should remind me, like, later—but thanks!

Laurence: So the Austin tour stop was actually two stops. The first was at Shadow Cats in Round Rock, just outside Austin.

Gwen: Shadow Cats may be the most interesting stop yet. It’s more a sanctuary than a shelter per se. They take in ferals and cats who are FeLV or FIV positive, which means they’re not likely candidates for adoption. But they get plenty of love at Shadow Cats!

Laurence: They have about 80 cats, right? It’s hard to believe you could have so many cats in a private home.

Gwen: And you think three is a lot! But, seriously, Shadow Cats is actually located in a private home, and the owners have obviously invested a lot of time, money, and love in creating numerous rooms and screened-in outdoor spaces and cat runs for these cats. It may be the most drop-dead gorgeous facility we’ve seen thus far. (Shameless plug: check out the Shadow Cats board on the tour’s Pinterest page to see for yourself!) I ended up doing a reading for three volunteers and a bunch of FeLV+ kitties in one of the rooms, and the reading was livestreamed through the Shadow Cats website. So I was reading in one room, and about 40 people were hanging out in the other room watching me read on camera! And I think there were a couple thousand who watched the broadcast on the Shadow Cats website.

Laurence: The Shadow Cats stop was definitely the most unique gig in Texas. And a helluva lot different than the Austin Pets Alive! stop.

Gwen: Oh yes. Quite a facility at APA!

Laurence: It was another great day, and probably the hottest day on our Texas trip. It kicked off with breakfast at Snack Bar on Congress Avenue. A more traditional option than Whataburger.

Gwen: And great biscuits!

Laurence: I think I had too much coffee for such a hot day. By the time we got to APA at noon, I was dripping.

Gwen: APA is a lot of outdoor space with breezeways and outdoor kennels, so it was scorching! But the room where I read was inside and air-conditioned, so it ended up being fine. It was a real thrill to be at APA because they’ve done some amazing work. Austin is now over 90% no-kill—the first major US city to hit that statistic—and it’s largely due to APA’s efforts.

Laurence: I’m glad we wrapped up the day with some good old barbecue.

Gwen: Our last Texas barbecue! We left for the airport back to New York bright and early the next morning.

Laurence: I know they have barbecue in New York, but it’s everywhere in Texas. And I’m psyched that [our friends who live in Austin] Sam and Jamie took us to Salt Lick, which seemed like the real McCoy. Outdoors, and with a really twangy country band!

Gwen: Brisket, ribs, sausage, corn bread. You looked like you were in heaven!

Laurence: I must have been – I bought heaven back to the hotel with me in the form of barbecue sauce all over my shirt.

Gwen: And on your chin.

Laurence: Yeah, thanks for not telling me about that until I saw it in the bathroom mirror. I was wondering why the girl at the front desk was looking at me strangely.

Gwen: Just trying to keep Austin weird, baby!



Red Paw (hosted by Central Bark)

12:30pm, Sunday

2501 Wharton St., Philadelphia

A “Red Cross for animals,” Red Paw’s mission is to assist displaced pets and their people 24/7, free of charge, and to ensure that all family members are taken care of during a disaster at their home. Founded in 2011 by Jennifer Leary, a Philadelphia Fire Fighter and Red Cross Emergency Responder, Red Paw works in conjunction with the American Red Cross SEPA Chapter and other public and private businesses, disaster relief, social service and animal welfare organizations to provide emergency transport, shelter, and veterinary care to animals involved in residential fires and other incidents. They work within a network that includes veterinary care facilities, boarding facilities, kennels and training facilities, animal rescue groups, and fosters in Philadelphia and surrounding counties.




Good Mews

6:00pm, Thursday

736 Johnson Ferry Rd., Marietta

Good Mews offers an alternative to traditional animal shelters in the Metro Atlanta area by providing a no-kill, cage-free haven for homeless, abused, or abandoned cats until placing them in permanent, loving homes. Good Mews promotes public awareness regarding the value of pets, animal welfare, pet overpopulation, and quality human-animal companionship through education and outreach programs. Of particular note is their therapy animal program on behalf of the Atria Senior Living Center and their “Golden Companions” program, in which adoption fees are waived for senior citizens adopting senior cats. (Note: This event will be two events, one at Good Mews and a private event on Friday at Atria Senior Home).






Seer Farms

2:00pm, Saturday

472 W. Veterans Hwy, Jackson

A self-described “People-Oriented Animal Sanctuary,” Seer Farms provides extended emergency care for animals of families affected by natural disasters (such as Hurricane Sandy), foreclosure, military members about to deploy, or who may otherwise need long-term care for their animals due to health-related situations, domestic violence, or other crises. They currently have an 85% “reunion rate” of successfully placing animals back with their families within an 18-month period.




Wayside Waifs

1:00pm, Saturday

@ Charles Fillmore Chapel, Unity Temple

707 W. 47th Street, Kansas City

Wayside Waifs is committed to finding homes for all adoptable pets. Wayside is the largest pet adoption center in Kansas City, placing over 5,400 animals each year in loving forever homes. Their Humane Education program delivers programs to over 30,000 students each year in the greater Kansas City area. Presentations are given at preschools, public and private elementary schools, libraries, churches and health and safety fairs. Their “No More Bullies” program utilizes therapy animals in interaction with students in grades 3-5.




Arizona Animal Welfare League

2:00pm to 4:00pm, Saturday

PetMatch Adoption Center

Chandler Fashion Center

3111 W. Chandler Blvd.


Founded in 1971, AAWL operates the state of Arizona’s oldest and largest no-kill shelter. AAWL also provides adoption, resource and education programs that improve the quality of life for dogs and cats, and offers support for pet guardians. As of February 14th of this year, AAWL has entered into a unique partnership with San Diego-based Macerich, owner of the Chandler Fashion Center (Phoenix’s second-largest mall) as well as several other retail properties in Phoenix, to convert their mall-based pet stores—which frequently acquire animals from “puppy mills” and “kitten mills”—to adoption facilities managed by AAWL in cooperation with PetSmart charities. It is hoped that this program will become a model for malls and shopping centers across the country and help lead to the eradication of unethical breeders.




Tree House Humane

Saturday, 3:00pm

@Chicago Party Animals

1133 W. Fulton Market

Tree House is a cageless, no-kill humane organization specializing in the rescue and rehabilitation of sick and injured stray cats. Tree House offers a robust roster of community-service initiatives including low-cost spay and neuter, free pet food pantries, grief seminars, animal assisted therapy, humane education programs, and does extensive outreach in Chicago's inner-city neighborhoods.




MEOW Cat Rescue

2:00pm, Saturday

10600 NE 68th Street, Kirkland

MEOW places approximately 1500 animals into permanent homes each year. Cats and kittens come from various sources and situations: orphans found under a deck, an abandoned cat crying at the door, pets no longer able to stay with a family because someone has developed allergies or is moving to a place where the cats are not welcome. Some come from the rescue community, finding tame cats and kittens feeding with feral colonies. Newborn or senior, healthy, ill or injured, all are valued at MEOW. MEOW offers a voucher program for free spay and neuter to lower income families and administers various humane education programs in area schools and through local organizations (Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, etc.).





The Pixie Project

Wednesday, 7:00pm

510 NE MLK Blvd., Portland

The Pixie Project is a non-profit animal adoption center and rescue offering a variety of services to the public including but not limited to: pet adoption services, pet owner education and support and low cost and free spay and neuter and veterinary services for homeless and low-income pet owners. Pixie Project is the smallest organization on the LOVE SAVES THE DAY tour, currently caring for only 13 cats in a small, cage-free building. But their innovative program to provide low-cost-to-free veterinary care to Portland’s homeless community has made national news. Portland has one of the largest homeless populations in the country, and over 60% of Portland’s homeless population own cats and dogs. Pixie Project has done extensive outreach in the homeless community to ensure that all of Portland’s companion animals receive the care and treatment they need, regardless of their families’ financial or housing circumstances.




San Francisco SPCA

Saturday, 2:00pm

201 Alabama Street, San Francisco

The birthplace of the no-kill movement, the San Francisco SPCA is San Francisco’s largest no-kill organization and celebrates a 97% Live Release rate in their shelter. Their numerous community initiatives include youth outreach programs (including—but not limited to—literacy programs, humane education, and school break animal camps), animal assisted therapy, a hearing dog program, a spay/neuter clinic, foster care, pet loss support, a police horse retirement ranch, and their innovative Sido program, which provides long-term care and adoption services for animals whose humans predecease them. Their Puppy Dog Tales Reading Program brings the benefits of the human-companion animal bond to young readers.  Puppy Dog Tales works in San Francisco Public Libraries, San Francisco Unified Schools and local bookstores to improve literacy and engender a love of reading in children whose first language is not English, those with learning disabilities, and remedial readers.






Best Friends Animal Society

Date/Time TBD

15321 Brand Blvd., Mission Hills



Best Friends is the largest no-kill organization in the United States, maintaining L.A.’s largest no-kill shelter, a 38,000-acre animal sanctuary in Utah, and providing support to over 1500 affiliated no-kill shelters and rescue organizations across the country. Working closely with the office of the Mayor of Los Angeles and Los Angeles Animals Services, Best Friends is also the founder of the NKLA (No-Kill Los Angeles) initiative, a coalition of animal welfare organizations, city shelters and passionate individuals dedicated to ending the killing of healthy and treatable pets in L.A. shelters. Their goal is to make L.A. an entirely no-kill city by 2014. Additional programs include Best Friends Super Adoptions (a coop­erative effort in which multiple animal groups across the country get together in a fun, festival-like atmosphere to adopt out hundreds of animals during a limited period of time), Best Friends Brigades (a team of people who help animals by offering their time to shelter and rescue groups on a project-by-project basis in the New York, Connecticut and New Jersey area), celebrity-driven national adoption PSAs, and a public animal help resource line.






Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary

Time/Location TBA


Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary was started in 2005 to answer the need for a safe place for blind cats that were deemed unadoptable and slated for euthanization by regular shelters. They are one of only two shelters in the country specifically dedicated to rescuing and rehoming blind and vision-impaired cats. In September 2010, Gwen visited BCR and donated $10,000 from Homer’s Odyssey royalties, and remains active with them on an ongoing basis.





SPCA Albrecht Center

199 Willow Run Road, Aiken

Established in 1935, the SPCA Albrecht Center for Animal Welfare has placed thousands of needy animals into loving homes. In September 2006, the SPCA Albrecht Center for Animal Welfare in cooperation with the Aiken County School District began a Humane Education Pilot Program for K-3 classrooms at four Aiken County elementary schools. This program focuses on teaching life skills and developing positive character traits in the children of Aiken County. Their goals are to:

  • Foster an understanding of the care of animals and what responsible pet ownership entails
  • Foster an understanding of compassion and empathy to encourage positive behavior
  • Foster an understanding of violence prevention and peaceful conflict resolution
  • Provide this program at no cost to the Aiken County Schools, and with no additional work for the classroom teachers
  • Augment the students’ existing reading, communication, and literacy skills through the use of lessons plans and materials that enhance these skills.

The program has been entirely funded by the SPCA Albrecht Center for Animal Welfare and local private donors.