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My brilliant and persistent husband tracked down the website for Parpunk Studio, the Korean graphic design firm that created the artwork for the Korean edition of Homer's Odyssey.  On the site are a handful of color images.  It's hard to tell exactly what they're for.  We think, from what we can make of trying to translate the text accompanying the photos, that the artist found himself "mysteriously drawn" to Homer, that this was his first time drawing a cat, and that he was inspired to keep going with the illustrations.  We all know how inspirational Homer can be!  :-D

Hey, guys!  Heading out to Miami tomorrow morning to be at Books & Books in Bal Harbour on Wednesday, 10/20 for a reading/discussion/book signing, beginning at 7:30pm.  Hope some of you can make it!

I have selected the winners for the "Win a Visit From Gwen Cooper" contest.  Unfortunately, my computer is hiccuping quite a bit today, so I'll have to wait until this weekend (when I get back from Miami) to post the second and third-place winners.

Hi, everybody!  Sorry I've been such an absentee blogger these past few days.  There's a LOT going on! :-D

First things first: Homer's episode of "Cats 101" will air again this Saturday night at 8:00pm and 11:00pm eastern time.  For those of you haven't seen it yet, I encourage you to check out Homer in all his TV glory!

Awww...look at that little boy!  :-D

Hey, guys!  I'm back from Kansas--more on the trip to come.  Now, though, we have a kitty in need of help...

Percy is a gorgeous kitty in Ohio whose human family has fallen on tough financial times.  They're unable to keep him any longer, and for the first time in 14 years he'll be separated from his adopted family of humans, other kitties, and dogs.  Percy also has a disabled front leg.  He's had it his whole life and (like Homer!) has no idea that he's "different"!  But, of course, that will make it harder for him to find a new forever home.

I'm writing this pretty much on the fly as I leave insanely early tomorrow morning for Kansas City.  Laurence and I are looking forward to spending tomorrow enjoying jazz and the sights (how lovely to actually see one of the cities I'm visiting on my book tour! ;-) ), and then Wednesday evening at 6:30 I'll be reading/talking/signing books in conjunction with Rainy Day Books.  Here's a link to more info about the event:

Thanks to everybody for sharing your stories of your own "junkie" kitties!  It's good to know that my cat isn't the only cat who gets waaaaaay OCD about her treats! ;-)

It's interesting that so many of you think it may be because Scarlett is grieving for Vashti.  I will say that the reason we took Scarlett off the Pounces, long before we lost Vashti, was because she was showing signs of being way too obsessed with them even then.  We switched her to a different brand of treats, which she still enjoyed but seemed able to handle better.  But I also have to say that Scarlett has become very clingy these past few weeks.  I should also note that I've been traveling quite a bit to promote the book, so all of this may just be too much change all at once for her little kitty spirit to bear with much resilience.  I've been spending a lot more time cuddling with her, and I'm hoping whatever stress she's experiencing will ease up in response.

Scarlett begging ENDLESSLY for Pounce treats!

Poor Scarlett!  The time has finally come when Laurence and I had to make the decision that Scarlett's endless need for Pounce treats is beyond her control, and that it's time for her to submit herself to her higher power (in this case, the two of us) to try to overcome her Pounce addiction.

Okay, look--I see negative reader reviews of the book all the time.  And while they're never exactly fun to read, I'm astute enough to realize that they're an inevitability (any book that gets published is going to be disliked by somebody).  They certainly don't make me angry.  To the extent that I notice them at all, what they mostly do is serve to remind me how uncommonly fortunate I've been that the overwhelming majority of reader reviews I see are so very positive.  And then I'm happy again.  :-D

So the Turkish and Hungarian editions of Homer's Odyssey will be released within the next week or so.  Below are the covers for those editions, and I'm soooooooooo in love with them!  (I seem to keep having this problem where I become ridiculously infatuated with the foreign-edition covers, to the point that I'm obsessed.)  ;-)

An inexplicably blurry shot of me, representatives of the Ozaukee Humane Society, and Selena the kitten (ADORABLE and available for adoption!) at Next Chapter Books in Milwaukee

So I just walked in the door after yet more days of travel, but I wanted to take a quick moment to let you all know that Homer's Odyssey will be #16 on the New York Times trade paperback bestseller list on October 3rd!

Yippeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ;-)

Thank you, so much, to all of you for reading...we're all pretty thrilled with the news around here!!!
Hey, guys!  I'm starting to think that the quest to get Homer's story on national TV is a futile one.  :-(  It is certainly NOT for lack of amazing efforts on your part, though!  I'm leaving town tomorrow, but when I get back on Monday I'll collect all the entries, randomly select a winner, and post it by Wednesday.  That means there's still time to enter if you haven't already!  Scroll down a few entries to find contest details.  And an enormous  THANK YOU to everybody who's participated--honestly, you guys just blow me away...

Have an awesome rest of the week--and wish me luck in Milwaukee and Chicago!!!  :-D
Hey, guys!  I'm hitting the road again tomorrow morning.  I'll be going to Milwaukee and Chicago, where I will hold readings and book-signings in conjunction with some local cat sanctuaries.  Check out the details below--hope some of you can make it!

9/22/2010 (Wednesday)
7:00 pm Author Appearance

MEQUON, WI 53092

9/23/2010 (Thursday)
7:30 pm Author Appearance

SKOKIE, IL 60077
After only two weeks on sale, Homer's Odyssey has gone into its FOURTH printing!  Yippeee!!!  :-D

Greetings!  Hope everybody's weekend was as good as mine was.  :-D

I traveled to North Carolina this weekend to do a reading at Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh (which went great--well over 100 people showed up!), visit Blind Cat Rescue in person, and officially donate $10,000 from the royalties of Homer's Odyssey to Alana Miller, director of BCR.  It was also a thrill to meet in person some of the people I've come to know online.  (Special shout-outs to Laura Carter and Rachel Barstow, and their black kitties Morticia, who is sighted, and Wonder, who is not.)  I've posted a few photos below.

Hey, guys!  I'll be signing off for a few days as I'm leaving for North Carolina bright and early tomorrow morning.  On Saturday, I will visit Blind Cat Rescue and then head into Raleigh to Quail Ridge Books, where I will present Alana Miller of Blind Cat Rescue with a $10,000 cashier's check from the royalties of Homer's Odyssey, and then do a reading and book-signing.

I'm about to be very blunt.  (It is a Monday, after all--time to get down to brass tacks!)  I would like to be booked on a morning talk show.  I would like this because it would sell more copies of the book--although the part of me that feels guilty for such a bottom-line interest feels compelled to add that I give 10% of everything I earn to animal-related charities; so the more money I make, the more charities I can support!  :-D

Before heading into the weekend, I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge a few people who have been kind enough to send us condolence cards these past two weeks.  It means so much to Laurence and me to know that we have a community of friends and supporters who are thinking of us--as I said in an earlier post, grief is infinitely easier to bear when you don't have to bear it alone.

I would like to wish all my Jewish friends a sweet, healthy, and prosperous New Year.  And to all my friends here: May you and yours be inscribed and sealed in the book of life.

L'shana tova tikatevu!