Day Five, Still Alive!

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We're now heading into the fifth day since we first learned how ill Homer is.  I'm pleased to report that Homer is very much still alive and kicking, and right this second sitting in front of me and LOUDLY demanding the rest of his breakfast!

His appetite hasn't flagged at all, which is a good thing for many reasons, but especially because it's impossible to get medicine into Homer any other way than disguising it in his food.  He won't even touch medicine that's been compounded into something cats should find appetizing.  And Homer is also a master at detecting even the smallest pill crushed into an entire can of food.

So we've had to get creative.  What seems to be working for now is mixing half a can of the stinkiest, cheapest cat food out there (and I really, really hate giving him something so unhealthy--but he's limiting my options!) with the medicine, stinky cheese (the kind that's so stinky that even when it's wrapped up, the second you open the refrigerator your whole apartment smells like something died and cats come running from every corner), some thin-sliced deli turkey, and a few Pounces thrown in as fun little "surprises" for Homer to find as he eats his way to the bottom of the bowl.  

It took a lot (and I mean, A LOT) of trial and error before we finally hit upon this concoction--but, as you can see, the only critic who matters heartily approves of the results!



I think Homer's getting better--a bit more energetic, a bit more alert--but it's tough to know for sure since he was never in the deathly shape they were telling me he should have been in in the first place.  It's hard to know whether a 15-year-old cat is as playful and active as he "should" be.

Right now we're happy he's eating with such enthusiasm (and getting his meds in the process).  I keep reminding myself that this is a process, and we have to take things one day at a time...




  • Nicole Monday, 10 December 2012

    Gwen-- I know you're being bombarded with opinions,
    so i do hesitate to offer one more. But if all else
    fails, maybe try Hill's a/d diet?
    That plus tuna water got my blind neuro kitty eating
    Again last week after much trial and error. I know how hard
    Is to find the right method. Keep on keepin' on, both of
    you. Much love from a fellow blind cat mom (who adopted her special
    kitty because of your book).

  • Billy Sargent Monday, 10 December 2012

    120 hours & he's still purring like a happy cat

    Who knows how long really have? Homer's doing the smart thing- enjoying the time he has. 21?! Wow! Putzi was 18 & Mog as 17 when she didn't come home one afternoon... I bet that fishercat was unpleasantly surprized. Who knows how long she'd have lived? I suspect Homer will surprize everyone but Gwen. : )

  • Nancy Monday, 10 December 2012

    Sending Lots of Love

    Homer, you have beaten the odds before and you are doing it again. Hang in there, and mom too!

  • Tom Ryan Monday, 10 December 2012

    Love Ya

    Gwen, love reading the Homer updates. You both are in my thoughts. When I was dealing with Jonathan having kidney problems - the vet said to switch him back to kitten food. Has more calories and also moister. That may help Homers appetite. Also have you tried Greenies pill pockets? My guys HATE meds BUT eat those right down cause they think they are treats. Please give Homer an extra pet from me and tell him Tom, Loki and Blaze send love

  • Julie Engler Monday, 10 December 2012

    The Season Of Miracles

    It has been called The Season of Miracles, this season of the year, and perhaps it is: for it seems to me that your household has indeed been blessed by such an occurrence, and may it continue to do so!

  • Amber Monday, 10 December 2012

    Just have to say "Thank You!!!" for the updates. I'm sure it is hard to keep the world updated while you are so worried about sweet Homer, but we are all loving him with you and praying for good health as long as he can get it. And I'm loving the pics too.... he is such a sweet boy....

  • Jennifer Monday, 10 December 2012

    Awesome to hear!! I have flashed back to when Murphy was diagnosed with less than25% kidney function. He went from 20 to 13 lbs in a flash. We too had to resort to stinky canned food. That's all he would eat. Two & a half years went by with my boy fighting his bad kidneys. He finally gave out when his best buddy Jerome's kidneys finally got the better of him without any warning. 14 hours of having no choice but to let Jerome go so he wouldn't suffer, Murphy gave me that look that it was his time to go too. To be with his best buddy and "brother". I hope Homer is a fighter stubborn cat like Murphy.

  • Rose Richardson Monday, 10 December 2012

    Medication alternatives

    Gwen, we had terrible time giving our little Georgie medication. So we had the vet order the medication in a topical trans dermal form. A compounding pharmacy can make many meds into this form, we did it for his corticosteroid and motility med. So easy to apply, just the measured amount rubbed into the ear flap. You do need to wear a glove so you don't start to absorb it. As example: I am sure your vet will know of others that might be even nearby! Bless you and your family!

  • Lisa Shackett Monday, 10 December 2012

    Gwen I just saw this post and was brought to tears for many reasons, one to think that Homer was so sick, two, because your outlook on life, death and the love of Homer is so perfectly fitting to the amazing the relationship you both share, and finally because I realized that Homer will not live forever! What an indomitable spirit he has and he has showed that spirit time and time again. He won't leave you without a fight and has taught all of us so many valuable lessons. Thank you for sharing all of them with us. Love you Homer!

  • Mary Stewart Monday, 10 December 2012


    Thank you so much for the update - I'm thrilled to hear this. Homer, you are an amazing little guy.

  • June and Sienna Monday, 10 December 2012

    Hope Springs!

    It is so good to hear that Homer is eating and also getting his medicine. Whatever it takes!
    I have been checking the site periodically for updates and it was such a reward to see that he is hanging in there. As long as he is eating, there is hope - and Homer is such a fighter (like his mom). Purrs and love coming your way...

  • Hedda Schupak Monday, 10 December 2012

    Hang in there Homer!

    So happy to hear he's eating, and that he's still feisty. That's our Homer! As Ruthann said, at this stage what he eats is less important than that he eats! When our Giles went into crisis with his asthma, the hospital had to give him Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys to get him to eat, and that promptly ended any intention on our part to keep him and Jasmine on an organic diet. We were able to disguise his prednisone by grinding it to a powder and mixing it w/ the FF, but when he got pancreatitis a few months ago, there was no getting ANY other pills into him. The vet gave us a liquid and an injectable. The liquid worked only because we didn't have to get it down this throat, just into his mouth, and it worked only when he was feeling too lousy to fight back. As soon as he got some of his spunk back (and this cat could go toe to toe w/ Homer for spunk), nix the liquid. That's when we went to injectable, and it was so much easier on everyone, including the cat. Just an idea if Homer catches onto the food trick...

  • Marianne Monday, 10 December 2012

    Get well Homer!

    At his age, any food he wants to eat is good food. I don't like giving my guys 'junk' food either, but I know when they get old and start losing their appetite, it's hard to find something they really want. I had a male with hyperthyroid who lived with meds for about 3 years. Toward the end he only wanted baby food, and finally he let us know when it was time. But he made it another 3 years! Homer is a tough little guy and he's defying all odds.

  • Lisa Richman Monday, 10 December 2012


    Oh that's such good news! You go Homer!!
    Ryker's Boyz and Allie are purring for him like crazy. He's got an amazing constitution!

  • Robin Monday, 10 December 2012

    Gwen, I didn't see the previous post to this due to Facebook doing its selection process of what I see. I am so sad about this yet quite amused that Homer does not seem to know that something should be wring with him. I was one of your early Facebook fans....try to keep up with him. Hopefully it will be another Hanukkah miracle that he turns this completely around, have faith and I am praying for the little guy.

  • Pam, Hemingway and Shakespeare Monday, 10 December 2012

    Just Keep Ticking

    Gwen and Homer,
    You two are an awesome team and you love each other so much. That love is going to provide the pathway for miracles. We're so happy that Homer is getting his the only way he enjoys! Go ahead and fool all the docs, Homer! You've earned that right.

  • Mariann Monday, 10 December 2012

    Happy to hear Homer's eating...

    and you're right Gwen, taking one day at a time in a situation like this is the best. Love and spoil Homer Bear to pieces, and continue doing what your're doing. He sure is one tough little guy. Sending lots of headbutts, purrs and hugs to ya all.

  • Laura Horseman Monday, 10 December 2012

    So glad Homer is hanging in there! My cat, Woody is so good at his regular vet and the emergency vet that he will let them do anything to him. Everyone comments on how sweet he is. The weekend before last he was at both vets. They both took his temperature and urine direcly from his bladder with a needle. The emergency vet did x-rays and shaved him and did an ultrasound. They put in a catheter. He was like a rag doll for all of it. Then I take him home and you would think he is a panther rather than a 12 pound black cat when I try to medicate him. He bites, scratches, rears, flips and everything he can do not to be medicated whether it is a pill or liquid. As big of a bummer as that is, I know that it is for his own good so I fight the fight and go around with my hands and face wounds. The part that breaks my heart is that he runs and hides when I walk in the room. I can't hide stuff in food beacuse he has a very sensitive stomach.He was diagnosed with cancer so we have a lot of meds in our future. Best wishes to Homer and to you.

  • Nonnie Monday, 10 December 2012

    You go, Little Man!!

    Gwen, are you going to have the tests repeated soon? My sister had a similar situation not too long ago, and, come to find out, the machine that does the blood tests was WAY out of calibration for some reason...The vet was shocked and felt terrible since he told her that kitty should be dead, too! Thank goodness he repeated the test a few days later....
    You never know! SO glad he is eating well! My girls send big hugs!

  • Leslie T Monday, 10 December 2012

    Thrilled that Homer is eating & taking meds

    Thankyou for the update, Gwen! Hey, sounds like you found a concoction that works! Congratulations! You guys are an ideal team, and I'm sure Homer has many wonderful times ahead! Can't believe I'm saying it, but for once, we can be thankful for cheap cat food & stinky cheese ; ).

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