An Update on Homer

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So we just got Homer's blood-test results back.  According to the numbers, he should be dead already.  At the very least, he should be so close to death that he doesn't have the energy to eat or move.  The doctor told me that she has no medical explanation for how a cat in Homer's condition held off three people yesterday until he was sedated.
It may not be medical, but I have an explanation: My little boy is tough as nails.  Twice as tough as the toughest cat that ever lived.  Always has been.  There are people who meet Homer, and see how playful he is, and how little, and how blind, and they don't believe that this skinny, friendly, blind little cat once chased a full-grown man right out of my apartment when he broke in in the middle of the night.  But now, by God, there are at least three people who work at our veterinary hospital who'd swear on a stack of bibles that they believe it--wholeheartedly.
Right now, as I write this, Homer is chasing one of his favorite toys around the living room, having just polished off half a chicken breast I brought home for lunch--and LOUDLY demanding more.  Normally the vet would want to hospitalize him, see if they can stabilize him, and run some more tests.  We still don't know exactly what's wrong with him--he might have liver disease or colon/intestinal-tract growths or cancer, or some combination of all three, or something else altogether.  But they don't think they can hospitalize him, because they don't think (and I agree) that he would let them treat him.  They can't keep him sedated all the time.
The one thing we do know is that he's having liver issues, so they're giving me some medication for his liver, and we'll see where that takes us.  "It's available in a liquid or chewable tablet," the vet told me.  "Which would you prefer?  And what flavors does he like?"
"I'll take the liquid and the chewables," I answered.  "And I want them in every flavor they make.  We're going to keep going until we find something this cat likes."
I have always loved and admired this cat.  I've always loved and admired him so much that I didn't think I was physically capable of loving or admiring anyone or anything more.  And yet, right now in this moment, my love and admiration of him have increased tenfold.  That, perhaps, is the greatest gift Homer has brought into my life--just when I think I know what my limits are, he helps me find greater heights and deeper strength.
I may be the author of Homer's life story, but this cat is determined to be the author of his own fate.  His clock's not running out until he wants it to.  And whether that's tomorrow or next month or five years from now, I'll be with him fighting by his side every inch of the way.  I won't keep him here one second longer than he wants to be, but I'm not giving up on him either until he lets me know that he's ready to go.  On his own time, and on his own terms.
It is my honor, it is my extraordinary privilege, to be the human he chose.



  • Carolyn Friday, 07 December 2012


    I know what gives Homer his incredible strength.... LOVE! Both given and received in such great measure. There is nothing, NOTHING, more powerful. Still sending tons of healing light and prayers to all of you. You both changed more lives and touched more hearts than you will know.

  • Patrice Friday, 07 December 2012

    Sending our Love

    Cats are amazing creatures and they are fighters. My 14 year old tabby, Jennyanydots is fighting the same fight as Homer and we got the same results back a few weeks ago. The vet said her liver values were so awful that technically she shouldn't be alive. That was before Thanksgiving and she's still with us. We gave her massive doses of antibiotics and the liver meds and she really started resenting us for pilling her. We decided to stop the meds after 10 days and let her peacefully enjoy her last few weeks or months. She is skin and bones but seems very content to sleep on her radiator and get petted by us. We will be sending peaceful, healing thoughts to you and Homer.

  • Caroline Snyder Saturday, 08 December 2012

    MILK THISTLE.. Read the reviews.. there IS hope for Jennyanydots..

    Patrice, many of the testimonies show that Milk Thistle brings cats back, literally, from death's door. This appears to be the most palatable product on the market for cats.. please chaeck ot the 87 reviews.. almost every one is 5/5 and many of the stories are pretty miraculous :^)

  • Julie B Friday, 07 December 2012

    Treat the cat, not the numbers. My red tabby and white boy went in for a dental when he was 4 1/2. Bloodwork came back with kidney numbers for a cat that should have been dead or at the very least deathly ill. Other than losing a pound over the prior year, you wouldn't have known he was sick. Paws crossed for Homer. He will let you know when he's ready to move on.

  • Kathy Friday, 07 December 2012

    I knew Homer was an awesome cat ever since I read the way he attacked the intruder in your ap't. He is amazing! (did you ever think the intruder might be the guy you almost went out with who hated black cats?)... I really hope Homer goes on for years yet... although the tests say he won't... but what do they know? The love you have for each other will keep him going! BTW, put his medicine in his tuna!! :-)

  • Kathy Zavala Friday, 07 December 2012

    Prayers for Homer

    I'm so worried about Homer, although it sounds like he's not worried at all. Especially when there's chicken around! My dad just lost his cat Rusty the day before Thanksgiving, one month after my mom died suddenly. He was 18. We adopted him when he was 10. He was having problems walking and fell over. The vet thinks it may have been a blood clot to his brain as his head was tilted and his eyes were shifting. Rusty told us he was ready. You never want to face it when they tell you. I hope Homer doesn't tell you for a long time. I know your heart must be hurting. Sending lots of positive energy your way.

  • Becky Fredericks Friday, 07 December 2012

    Treat the cat, not the numbers

    Hugs and prayers for Homer and you, his chosen human. I've had experience with this phenomenon -- every vet that saw Lottie said her blood test results were "incompatible with life." But they all said the same thing, "treat the cat, not the numbers." Do your research, there are groups on Yahoo and probably Facebook for cats with liver issues. My Chase took Denosyl for his liver issues and his numbers came back down to almost normal. Also look at Denamarin, SAMe and milk thistle as liver aides. It turned out that Chase had adenocarcinoma in the intestine and he slowly recovered from the surgery. We had a few good months, but the cancer returned far too quickly. I miss him every day. Homer will let you know what he wants to do -- listen with your heart and you won't go wrong. Hope he recovers and enjoys many more years with you. Purrs and headbutts from the Meezers in Maryland!

  • Sandy W Friday, 07 December 2012

    In your shoes

    I "wore your shoes" very recently. Not the same symptoms, but the same issues -- liver, intestine, cancer -- with my own Black Cat. I think you know your time with Homer will not be forever, and that every day you have with him is a gift -- because it is. I'm glad Homer has you -- no one could do it better for him than you. xo

  • Michelle Friday, 07 December 2012

    special need pets are the best :)

    I have a dog who has been living with B cell leukemia for the past three years, another who was a stray that had suffered severe head trauma a year ago - never found her owner so she lives with me, and has only residual balance issues, a bearded dragon with a spinal deformity due to improper diet from his former owner, and a cat who is diabetic and FIV positive. I am blessed to have others who don't have medical issues as well but my brother jokingly calls my house the "island of misfit toys" Hope the liver meds (SAM-E by any chance?) work well.

  • Mimi Katz Friday, 07 December 2012

    We're all with you, Gwen!

    This little kitty, known worldwide, has become special to each of us. That's why we hang on to every word you write. We're here for you, and we'll do whatever we can to support you, laugh with you, and even cry with you...MANY years from now.

  • Maria Bevan Friday, 07 December 2012

    More tears

    Oh Gwen here i go again tears falling,i wish i was strong like you and Homer,God bless you i send you the best things i can thru prayer Maria UK xxxx

  • Markuzio Friday, 07 December 2012

    Prayers are with you Homer.

    Homer, you are one brave cat! Keep going, don't give up! You got so many fans around the world! God give you health Homer. Gwen, you are so awesome! I wish all cat owners and cats could be so loving to each other as you two!

  • Rachel Friday, 07 December 2012

    Love, prayers and hugs

    Homer is a beautiful boy with a strong soul. He (and the kittens as well as Vashti and Scarlett) are/were blessed to be part of your family. I will send my prayers to brave little Homer. It's no coincidence that he's a New Yorker - part of a city that time and time again preservers through hell and back only to come back stronger. Take care, Beth, and continue to be there for you lil' Homer.

  • Beth Friday, 07 December 2012

    I'm with you!!!

    I have to say that was one of the most beautiful tributes to "owning" a cat! I put owning in quotes because we all know they own us and pick us. Every cat I have and have ever owned walked into my life on their own. I believe they were sent...because they needed something from me or I needed something from them. I stand behind you and applaud your attitude!! I'm with you! Keep on keeping on!! Kisses to sweet Homer!!! Love him!

  • Diane Rasberry Friday, 07 December 2012

    Diane Rasberry

    I have a cat that had hepatic lipidosis a year ago. It is called fatty liver disease. He was near death, but the vet found it after several visits and an ultrasound of his chest area. I forget what the medicine was, but it worked and he's doing very well. I hope you find out what Homer's problem is and I sincerely hope he gets well. Love and hugs to you all!

  • Peggy J Friday, 07 December 2012

    Peggy, Sophie Bell, Jynx, Maggie Mae, Paisley Jane and Katie Lynn

    I have held my breath waiting to know about Homer. I am not surprised that he is once again beating the odds. Homer is remarkable. Me and my girls sends hugs and prayers to your precious family. My heart won't let me believe that we have heard the last of Homer.....

  • Lilly Friday, 07 December 2012

    We will be here for you loving, caring, Homer & gwen

    Gwen, would you start a "chipin" account so we can donate some money to help you with this extreme bills for Homer. How many of the kitties you are sending us links to like "Dottie", "Ankin", "Corky", "Geminites' and others that are so precious with mising legs, blind, but beautiful stories of deterrmined to live no matter what people say ---and we need to turn around and help you. VETS ARE NOT CHEAP. Even if it is $1 people can show even more love by helping you through this time. You have had so much with getting the precious cat, having to rehome her, then getting the babies, now Homer who is so dearly loved.

  • Leslie T Friday, 07 December 2012

    Love & Awe for Homer & Gwen!

    Yet another truly amazing chapter in the story of Homer the blind Wondercat! You two are a genuine miracle! Gwen, you are the best cat mom ever & Homer, you are a prince!
    Love & all the best you brave creatures!

  • Debi Friday, 07 December 2012


    What a wonderful cat Homer is! And how blessed you are to have him. You were meant to find each other. I'm sure the medicine will work, because I don't think that Homer would have it any other way. Homer has made me believe that there is magic in this world. I had my Sarabi with me for 17 years, and the last two years she lived on love alone. So, kudos to Homer for living life on his terms. How many of us can say the same thing?

  • Nancy Foote Friday, 07 December 2012

    Homer, you have tons of people pulling for you! My husband and I and our 5 fur babies, Sammy ( who is also on meds for liver disease), Bootsie, Deannie, Sophia and our one eyed wonder Monty are all pulling for you. We love you!

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