A General Update on Homer, the Tour, and the Kittens' First Birthday!

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Hi, guys!  Sorry it's been so long since I've posted an update on Homer, the book, or anything else.  The flu bug hit us pretty hard in the Cooper-Lerman household.  You know how the story goes: poor Laurence had to spend days taking care of me, and then by the time I finally started feeling better, he came down with the same thing I had.  Happily, we're all feeling much better now.  Even better--Homer is doing GREAT!



It's absolutely amazing to see how Homer has rebounded these past few weeks.  His appetite is tremendous (truly--he never stops eating!), he's been incredibly playful and energetic, and while I'd definitely be happier if he put on a bit of weight, at least he's no longer losing weight.  Considering that I was told two months ago not to expect him to live for more than another few days or weeks, I'll take the slighlty-skinnier-than-normal Homer and call it a win. :-D

As for the tour: I have to apologize, because I know y'all were expecting an announcement today of a final list of cities and shelters.  Unfortunately, however, I won't be able to make the Valentine's Day announcement I was hoping to make.  I'm truly, truly sorry about that.  All-in I lost nearly a week to the flu, and hard as I've tried I wasn't able to make that week up in time to post a full list of shelters and cities today.

What I can do right now is post a partial list of cities that I will definitely be visiting.  This is only a partial list!  More cities are going to be added, and once I have every single shelter confirmed (hopefully within the next week), I'll post a final list of both cities and specific shelters.  I should have a list of exact dates in March, but for your general knowledge the tour will kick off in May and run through July, possibly even into August. 

Here's the list of confirmed cities thus far:

Miami (March 28--Miami will be the only city visited outside of the tour's general time frame)


Aiken, S. Carolina






Kansas City

San Francisco

Los Angeles

New York

New Jersey (Ocean County)


I'm also attempting to add: Denver, Dallas, Portland, and/or Minneapolis, and that will probably round out the list.  The original plan was to visit 12 cities, and--as you can see--that number appears to be blossoming up to 17!  I'd love to visit many, many more--and hope to continue to visit shelters, sanctuaries, and rescue groups even once the tour has concluded--but, of course, I have to try to keep this tour at least somewhat manageable! :-)

And, last but not least, the kittens turn a year old today!  So I guess now I have to start calling them "cats."  ;-p  They're such unbelievably sweet, funny, goofy little guys who've brought so much love and joy into our home.  Laurence is absolutely crazy about them and spoils them almost worse than I do.  Much love and gratitude goes out to Furrever Friends, a wonderful foster network in Woodbury, NJ, for bringing these little guys into our lives!


Today is Valentine's Day, and I've been thinking a lot about love in its various forms--especially, I suppose, because my new book is called Love Saves the Day.  You could say that love saved the day for all three of our kitties--they're all rescues, after all--but I'm sure many of you will know what I mean when I say that, truth be told, their love saved my day.  Clayton and Fanny turn 1 today, and I truly hate to think about how sad all of us--especially Homer--were after the loss of our beloved Scarlett and Vashti.  Clayton and Fanny haven't replaced our girls, but their loving little hearts (and funny little ways) have filled some of the holes in our hearts that Scarlett and Vashti left behind.

Has the love of an animal saved the day for you?  Tell me about it in the comments section.  And a happy Valentine's Day to all!



  • Laurie Friday, 15 February 2013

    Gwen, I'm so glad that Homer's thriving! He's a survivor. Happy B'day to Fanny and Clayton! I have four rescued cats who give me so much love and joy every day. I treasure them and consider them my little blessings. Last June the vet thought Stella had cancer and gave her one month to live. She's still alive and is doing great - didn't have cancer!

  • Laurie Friday, 15 February 2013

    Hooray for Homer!

    Dear Gwen, Thanks for the wonderful news about Homer's continued recovery. I'm so glad to hear that he's doing so well! Happy B'day to Fanny and Clayton too! I have 4 rescued cats who give me so much joy and love every day. They are my little blessings. Last June the vet thought Stella had cancer and gave her one month to live. Stella's still alive and doing great - no cancer!

  • Caitlin Friday, 15 February 2013

    Happy Birthday Clayton and Fanny

    I am so glad that everyone is well now in the Cooper-Lerman household. So glad Homer has a good appetite and the kittens are one!

    I love reading all the stories of people's beloved cats. I admit to tearing up reading quite a few.

    All of my cats have been strays. My "original" three went through so much with me. Two were there before my daughter was born. My third showed up when my daughter was four. He was on my front porch one cold night and I brought him inside. At that time, my daughter was having a very rough time with transitions between her Dad's house and mine. My older two cats really didn't have much to do with her but this new boy (his name became Mr. Nanna but that's a story for another time) loved her instantly. She could carry him around like a rag doll and he never minded. He would sleep with her every night. Some of my most cherished photos are of him draped over her arm and they are both sound asleep. Then after she fell asleep he would come and find me and sleep with me. He healed both of us in so many ways.

    My original three - I loved them so very much and they all left me within two years of each other which was devastating. I opened my heart again and now have my two rescues, Scooter and Susie (both black, one short hair the other long) who make us all laugh with their funny personalities and their wonderful love.

  • Mimi Sunday, 17 February 2013

    Glad to read about Homer's health !!!!!! TG . you mush=y be soo busy with the tour .. just let me know how many toys!!!!!
    My kids and I had a lovely Valentine's day .. each one brings me a different kind of love and strength to carry on . They are my Angels on earth . ♥ Mimi

  • Lisa Richman Saturday, 23 February 2013

    I am absolutely convinced...

    ...that there's something incredibly special about "special needs" cats. In fact, the volunteers at our shelter prefer to call them "special GIVES" cats. I am lucky enough to have been adopted by one. Maxwell came to us completely deaf - and I have never *ever* met a gentler, more loving cat. I am honored to be loved by him!

    (And am beyond thrilled that you are coming to KC!!)

    So glad you are all doing well now in your household - that flu is so nasty this year. Hugs to Homer - you keep going strong, sweetie!

  • Laura Carter Monday, 08 April 2013

    Yay for Homer

    Gwen, so glad to hear Homer's doing well. I think of him often & Morticia & Selina send lots of kitty kisses to their handsome furriend!

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