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After many requests to create Homer "memorabilia," I've come up with a way to let all of Homer's fans keep a little bit of Homer with them--and help a good cause at the same time.



Probably no part of Homer's Odyssey has provoked more outraged response (yes, there are readers out there who were outraged--outraged!--by Homer's Odyssey) than the chapters dealing with 9/11 and my attempts to rescue my three cats who were trapped in my apartment mere blocks from Ground Zero.  I have been called "selfish," "utterly self-absorbed," "eerie," and just plain "stupid" for thinking about my cats on a day when so many human lives were lost.



If you’ve come here from Homer’s Facebook page, then you already know this is the blog post I’ve dreaded writing since I first started this blog four years ago. And yet, ultimately I’m here not to mourn a loss, but rather to celebrate a life lived in full—a life that was lived beyond what even I could ever have imagined for him.

I've made just about 15 stops thus far on the LOVE SAVES THE DAY National Book Tour of No-Kill Shelters.  In a moment of calmness over the next couple of weeks, I'll write about the stops and the shelters in more detail.  For now, though, I'll say that it's been AMAZING--not just to meet so many kitties this summer, but also to meet the incredible humans who run these shelters and rescue groups, and do such wonderful, generous things for their communities.  And, of course, to finally meet so many of my readers in person!  (Check out the tour's Pinterest page for some photos of the tour stops thus far.)

b2ap3_thumbnail_felv-kitty-swarm-me-looking-down.jpg                                        b2ap3_thumbnail_liller-licking-my-face_20130804-133338_1.jpg

Which is what makes it so hard to say that the last three dates of the tour--Los Angeles and the Carolinas--are postponed until October/November.  My mother hasn't been well this summer, and I'm headed to Miami.  The new tour dates will coincide with the paperback release of LOVE SAVES THE DAY on October 22nd.  If you haven't already pre-ordered LOVE SAVES THE DAY in paperback, do so now--and hang on to your receipt!  For every paperback copy of LOVE SAVES THE DAY bought or pre-ordered by Sunday, October 27th, I'll be donating $1 to the animal-related charity of your choice.  Stay tuned for details!

I can't even begin to tell you the toll it's taken to be away from Homer this summer.  Truthfully, given what the doctors told me back in December, I didn't expect that Homer would still be around by the time the tour kicked off.  That he is is nothing short of a miracle.  Of course I was terrified to leave him alone every time I got on a plane, but every time I got home, Homer was alive and well and fesity as ever!  He's plumped up the tiniest bit on all the extra "guilt food" Laurence has been spoiling him with while I was away, and it always does my heart good to see Homer with a bit more meat on his bones!



I'm off to do some packing (on top of everything else, Laurence and the kitties and I are moving on Sept. 1--oy!) and give Homer his morning deli turkey.  More to come soon! :D


Don't leave, Mommy!

I write from my hotel room in Houston, having spent my first 12 hours--ever--on Texan soil as I get ready for the road-launch of the LOVE SAVES THE DAY National Shelter Tour.  So far I haven't seen much beyond the highway overpass directly outside my hotel room window, but today I'm heading over to Friends For Life, the shelter that tomorrow evening will host the first of five tour stops I'll be making over the next 10 days in Houston, Dallas, and Austin.  (For a complete list of my Texas itinerary, click here). 




7:00pm, Thursday 5/2

410 E. 38th Street, Manhattan

The LOVE SAVES THE DAY National No-Kill Shelter Tour has officially launched! Many thanks to the good people of Bideawee here in New York for giving me such a warm welcome and putting together such a wonderful event—a great event made even better by the presence of Gizmo, the kitty who “owns” Bideawee’s third floor, and who clearly decided that if everybody was looking at the front of the room, that’s where he was going to hang out. (As a side note, Gizmo is one of the absolute sweetest, friendliest cats I’ve ever met in my life—and if you adopt him from Bideawee during the month of May, the adoption fee will be waived! If you’re in New York and looking for a pawsome new furever friend, you can’t do better than Gizmo!)


The LOVE SAVES THE DAY National Shelter Tour officially kicks off on Thursday, May 2nd in New York City.  Keep reading for details--and to find out how to get your complimentary Litter Genie!

We're looking for a few good men and women to help us wrangle all the donations of blankets and toys for the shelters I'll be visiing on my tour this summer.  Do you live in one of the tour cities?  Have a knack for keeping things organized?  If so, you can help!


At long last (drum roll, please...) here it is!  The official list of cities, dates, and shelters and rescue groups for the national tour supporting my new novel, LOVE SAVES THE DAY!  The tour will run all summer--from May through August.  Keep checking back for photos, videos, and more updates.  Hope I get to meet many of you on the road!


The official tour for LOVE SAVES THE DAY will kick off in May, and I'll have a list of tour cities and dates next week (hooray!).  I will, however, be doing one pre-tour bookstore reading in my hometown of Miami in the next few weeks.  Keep reading for more details...

This weekend, my husband celebrated his fiftieth birthday.  I threw him a big surprise party with friends and family traveling in from all over the country.  It was one of those weekends when I was so happily preoccupied catching up with loved ones we hadn't seen, in some cases, in years that I didn't have a chance to do even a general cursory sweep of Homer's Facebook page for three days straight.  And while I was so preoccupied, a tragedy occurred.

Hi, guys!  Sorry it's been so long since I've posted an update on Homer, the book, or anything else.  The flu bug hit us pretty hard in the Cooper-Lerman household.  You know how the story goes: poor Laurence had to spend days taking care of me, and then by the time I finally started feeling better, he came down with the same thing I had.  Happily, we're all feeling much better now.  Even better--Homer is doing GREAT!


Many, many thanks to everyone who purchased a copy of LOVE SAVES THE DAY last week and entered the "Get LOVE SAVES THE DAY Out the Door with a Bang!" contest.  I'm thrilled to be able to announce the following winners:

Hi, guys!  It's been an INSANE roller-coaster of a week here in the Cooper-Lerman household getting my new book, LOVE SAVES THE DAY, launched.  To say I'm tired is an extreme understatement.  ;-)  But now I'm turning my attention to this spring/summer's LOVE SAVES THE DAY tour, and I need your help.

It's hard to believe that it's been three years--almost to the day--since my agent first called me and said, "Random House wants to know if you'd be interested in writing a novel from a cat's point of view."  My first thought was, I have no idea what that novel would be about.  My second thought was, But the cat will have to be based on Scarlett.

My new book comes out next week--so before all the craziness starts, a general update on Homer and his health!

My new book, LOVE SAVES THE DAY, goes on sale January 15th! Buy it as soon as it goes on sale and enter to win an in-person visit from me, a portrait of your cat (or dog, or horse, etc.) by the same artist who painted Homer's portrait, autographed books, and more!


I haven't written in a few days because, honestly, I wouldn't have had anything good to report.  Homer's been on a bit of a hunger strike, and you all know how frightening and sad that can be.  BUT, I am pleased to report that Homer's eating again! Hooray! 


We're now heading into the fifth day since we first learned how ill Homer is.  I'm pleased to report that Homer is very much still alive and kicking, and right this second sitting in front of me and LOUDLY demanding the rest of his breakfast!

So we just got Homer's blood-test results back.  According to the numbers, he should be dead already.  At the very least, he should be so close to death that he doesn't have the energy to eat or move.  The doctor told me that she has no medical explanation for how a cat in Homer's condition held off three people yesterday until he was sedated.